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Carmen Quinones with Supporters

Meet Carmen Quinones

Activist, community organizer, and one of the longest standing advocates for our community.

I have lived and worked in the community for over 35 years and have initiated many community campaigns, most recently delivering thousands of meals and organizing weekly food pantries to support COVID-19 relief efforts since the first lockdown in March 2020. I am currently working with the support of Gov. Cuomo on opening a Covid-19 Vaccination Center on the Fredrick Douglass Houses grounds.

I have played an integral role in the election of more elected officials than anyone running for City Council. We need a Council person who is not afraid to speak up and fight for our rights!

I know the problems we face every day. I am on the ground fighting for Public Housing, Education, Criminal Justice System and so much more.

I have worked tirelessly as President of Douglass Houses and as an advocate for the voiceless, Now it’s time to take the next step. I must work harder.

I am your candidate for City Council. I won’t quit and I will never give up.

Key Issues


NYCHA is making plans about our homes and I continue to be at the forefront, fighting to keep our Public Housing, Public. I am a fierce advocate for resident management rights and helping residents to own their own homes.

We also need repairs urgently. We cannot and should not go without hot water for days. We should not be at risk of fires and other hazards. We deserve to live in safety and in dignity.


Our kids deserve quality education and opportunities to reach their full potential. For over twenty years I have been advocating for greater equity and more resources in the public education system. We need to ensure that our public schools receive the same funding as charter schools, so that our kids have the same opportunities and access to quality education.

We need to better support our children with autism. We need more resources to ensure they get the necessary tools and guidance they need, so that they aren’t left behind. Schools should partner with organizations that can provide support and guidance, so that teachers know how best to teach children with autism, and so that parents have a strong safety net.

I also believe that we shouldn’t have police officers in schools. We should focus on child wellbeing and bring back guidance counsellors who can provide much needed support to our kids.

Lastly, we need to support those children living in shelters find secure housing. As a former teacher, I had students in my class who were sleeping in shelters, and it broke my heart. These kids were bullied at school for their poor hygiene. These kids already have enough to deal with, they need a good home. We need to do more to support these kids, and their families, get into longer term housing, so that they have a chance to thrive at school.

Disability Access

We need wheelchair accessible public transport now. People with a disability should have access to elevators and ramps in ALL subway stations.

We also need to improve our streets and ensure that all pavements are wheelchair accessible.

We need an investigation into Access-a-ride. People with a disability are running late and missing their health appointments because of delays. This needs to be looked into urgently and services improved as a matter of priority.

Carmen Quinones with Supporters
"We all need to take steps to help save our planet and undo the damage we have already done. We should provide incentives and subsidies to increase the use of  electric cars and solar panels, and invest more in public transportation."

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